Green Office

1. All New Nordic´s offices shall use electricity from sustainable sources like wind, water or sun
Today most of the electricity companies have different options, where one option is something called green electricity. This means that companies can choose to the highest extent possible electricity power from sustainable sources as wind water and sun.

What is the reason for this change?
It´s a new climate deal out there. Every one needs to cut their emissions of the gases that cause climate change, this also means companies in the business world. If we stick with coal-power this will not happen. But if we consumers and companies choose or demand electricity from sustainable sources like wind, water and sun we, companies like ours, hopefully can make a change.

By implementing this change we reduced our electricity/heating Co2 emission in three years with: 5 ton 232 kilos.

Today 6 of our 11 offices uses between 2 -100 % neutral source of power.

2. All New Nordic´s offices only use energysaving lamps
One lamp/bulb like this will not only make you use less energy, but alsolight up your office in almost 10 years. Read more about this bulbs at

What is the reason for this change?
A low energy bulb or energy saving bulb will decrease our energy consumption radical. 80 % energy saving when compare with incandescent bulbs. If every company in the world will make a small change like this, we would do a lot for our planet. One bulb like this, ledbulb, will lighten up our days and nights for approximately 15 000 hours.Up to 10 times more than a "regular" bulb. Think of all the waste products that now reduce.

Implementing this change reduced our KwH in three years with: 50 545 KwH.

3. All New Nordic´s Offices use in our day-to-day business 100 % recycled paper
We are responsible for many tons of day-to-day used paper. By thischange we will use in our day-to-day business office material that issustainable. The paper we use and then throw will be re-used to our office paper among other things. This will also increase our awareness and start to decrease and change our printing habits. A good circle has begin.

What is the reason for this change?
One of the reasons of todays environment problem is that we are cutting down to much of our forests around the world. One way of stopping this is to choose and use 100 % recycled office paper. A source that is more sustainable and good for our forests. All our 11 offices contributes, by using 100 % recycled paper in their offices, to save the forests around the world.

Implementing this change reduced our paper waste in three years with: 8 tons and 131 kilos.

4. Sort out office hold waste
This means that we take more responsibility of our day-to-day business. If this became a daily routine we will be more aware of what we use day-today and if this "waste" really is necessary.

What is the reason for this change?
Our consumption is making our oceans and some places in developing countries look like a garbage dump. We need to change this negative consumption to a more sustainable one. At our day-to-day business we are consuming sometimes by routine.
Without really thinking of the following aspects of our action.
Let´s change.

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